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In 1992 my husband with great surprize bought my first pair of Siberians from the first lady that had brought them into the USA. Elizabeth Terrell.My cattery then was Bolshoi, But because that name was already taken in CFA it is now Ziganka. I have showed and won top awards with our cats in TICA and CFA  through out the years, and  even though we have had many different lines they all have shown grace and strength! Siberians also work very well alot of the time for people with pet allergies.This has been mentioned on the Dr. Oz show!
We  health  certify our kittens for a period  of  2 years. As a kitten replacement will be provided if needed. We do not pay vet bills.
Pet kittens (to be neutored or spayed at 6 months)-900.00 Breeders kittens with breeding rights 1500.00